Perfume Manufacturer prefers smelling the privates of Goa escort Girls over his own perfumes

Walter White from Birmingham, England, is a Perfume Manufacturer, who is very regular to the Goa Russian escort scene. Last time when he hired one, his call girl for the night told him that she used to weigh 300 lbs in college. He says that she was so gorgeous that she could easily become one of the most popular BBW escorts in India, but she decided to lose all the extra weight and become healthy and fit. Walter goes to the extent of claiming that she could easily give run to the finest of the internationally famous fitness models a run for their money.

This Goa call girl told Walter that she got her fit body from cycling all the time; She didn’t become a part of a swimming or health club, but cycles throughout her spare time and regularly participates in bicycle races.

Once Walter met a Sikh call girl in Goa who was born and raised up in Canada. She moved to India after completing her education to serve the country; By the day she runs a NGO that works for the education of the impoverished kids of Goa and during night, she works as a call girl to serve the horny and hungry tourist and local adults of the province. She believes that it is the best ways to serve her nation.

Walter says that he is going to hire a trio the next time he is in Goa. He loves petite women with stunning faces and big eyes; Each time he hires a call girl in Goa, it ought to meet that specification and gladly, the Goan call girl agencies have never disappointed him.

Wedding Planner wonders how much George Bush Jr would have rubbed his dick against his mattress if he had free Brazzers

Kevin Centeno from Downtown, San Francisco, is a wedding planner, who is yet to plan his own wedding but he prides himself on being a one night groom several times.

Kevin is also a sex blogger who claims on his blog that different temperatures only affect the libido of the men and they do not have any sort of affect on the libido of the women.

Kevin claims on his blog that one of his aunts dated George Bush Jr back in 1976. He claims that his late aunt told him that George Bush Jr would get limp after getting naked but he would stay hard all the time when clothed and that’s the reason why he had this problem of rubbing his genitals on the bed while staying clothed all his teen and early 20s years.

Kevin wonders how much would George Bush Jr would rub his genitals fully clothed that way if he had brazzers free like we do now.

Kevin predicts that there would be real-life sex competitions all across the globe by 2060. He claims that the first of such international sex competitions will take place in Bosnia and will happen among the GILFs – all 55+, post menopausal women.

Kevin claims that most women fake moans and orgasms most of the times because they don’t enjoy sex mostly. He believes that such women should try lesbian sex a couple of times in order to identify their true sexual orientation; If such women are married, their husband ought to help and encourage in this endeavor.

Because I cannot go outside my home during this coronavirus thing, I am entering other men’s bodies through Astral Projection during this time and fucking their wives

So, here is the sexy science for today – 6 feet and above (Super-Amazon) chicks are only for the guys with 9+ inches long cocks. If you have a size of 7 inches or lesser, then you would be better off looking for a petite or an average built chick, and if your dick is between 7 and 9 inches, then you should go for an average-heighted bodybuilder chick.

I really find something fascinating and extremely interesting about the chicks born in 1998 and 1995 that makes them freaks in bed. I am proud about the fact that I have seen the porn video of every mainstream female pornstar born in one of these years from every country.

I really know how to astral project. I fuck every beautiful woman I want to each night by entering their boyfriend or spouse’s body. Yesterday, I fucked this neighbor of mine by entering her husband’s body. She works from home office on the first floor of her house while he doesn’t work at all. He is a homemaker, lol. All that he does is to ring the bell of her office and she instantly knows why he did it, just because it is sexy time. Yesterday, in the afternoon, I entered the body of her husband by astral projecting and rang her office bell. She came down to the ground floor at his room butt naked and then I played with her for hours, it was literally the best time of my life since this coronavirus thing.

One of my very good friends owns a successful escort agency who claims that each escort is unique but the same cannot be said about the pornstars. He outsource all his internet marketing to this one adult SEO services company based in NOIDA, India.

He also has many interesting opinions regarding the porn industry. He believes that the porn industry needs more butterfaces like Luna Bunny, Syren De Mer, Stacie Starr, Simone Sonay, etc, as he believes that the porn industry already has tons of pretty faces.

Drink water off a clay pot before making love to any of those bootylicious Morumbi escorts and see the magic happen

I lived in India for a couple of years to learn the art of tantric sex. I met several fraud and several genuine tantric sex gurus there. One such guru told me that drinking the water of the River Ganga or Yamuna of India reduces the libido of both men and the women and hence, I should never do that. He also told me that is the main reason why the Hindus take bath in Ganga and/or Yamuna river(s) in an effort to become pious, especially after the death of one of their beloved ones or after they take an oath of celibacy or chastity. He also observed there that some Hindu saints/sages, don’t do anything but take rounds after rounds of the River Ganges all day all night long.

One tantric guru told him that drinking water out of clay pot strengthens the kidneys of a man, which in turn increases a man’s libido and also reduces the refractory period. And in case of a tantric man like himself who doesn’t ejaculate at all, he told him that drinking water out of a clay pot would rather make the man become a superhuman after each sexual session, which I can personally attest as when I was in Sao Paulo, Brazil last year, I didn’t ejaculate even once in any of those gorgeous escorts in Morumbi (Acompanhantes no Morumbi) and it was too hard to, as they were so delicious.

Each time I made love to one of those bootylicious Morumbi escorts without ejaculating, I felt a special sort of energy which I never ever felt before and also it made me so creative that it was the first time that I ever initiated writing a book.

I am waiting for the Real-Life Mother and Daughter Pornstars – Andi James and Britt James to feature in the same video wearing similar lingeries

I believe that the number of second-generation pornstars will surpass that of the first-generation pornstars by the financial year 2040.

I wasn’t surprised at all when I came to learn that the newcomer 2019 busty teen pornstar – Britt James was the daughter of the infamous MILF pornstar – Andi James, a woman notorious for starring in Taboo movies.

I really enjoyed watching Britt James fucking that nincompoop with a big dick in her New Lingerie Porn video, but I would love it more, if the mother and daughter duo stars in a single movie together wearing similar lingeries.

I remember making my ex-wife do the cop roleplay after I got harassed by a sexy female cop on the street. That was the time when my ex-wife had anal sex for the very first time, or maybe, she had it before but she had it with me for the very first time, only herself knows the answer.

It was done in such a hurry that I forgot to make my wife wear a cop style lingerie so that I could enjoy the revenge better, but anyways, it was one helluva fun time.

One of my very good friends is a SEO expert who points out several similarities between the Generic TLDs and the Sex Dolls. He says that just like the Generic TLDs, Sex Dolls cost less in the short-term but more in the long-term and just like the Generic TLDs, Sex Dolls don’t get you respect in the society.

This SEO expert friend of mine claims to have made love to over 1500 different women belonging to over 80 races. He claims that the Hispanic women are the most creative in bed, but Russian pussies feel and smell the best.

He used to be an extremely religious person before turning into a hardcore atheist. He always says that one should better read the information regarding testicles than the Old or New Testament.

Richard Dawkins and Dan Pena are Reptilian Brothers and their Mission is to pave way for their Reptilian fellows on the Planet Earth

I recently came across this conspiracy theorist dude from Estonia on the SlackChat, who spoke way better English than most native English speakers, including myself.

This Estonian Conspiracy Theorist dude told me that both Dan Pena – The Trillion Dollar Motivational Speaker and Richard Dawkins aka Dick Dawkins aka The Atheist Evolutionary Biologist, are brothers in disguise, from a different planet, who are on our planet to destroy the values, ethics, morals and almost everything else from here. He added that while Richard has been trying to destroy the religions and religious values, his younger brother Dan is busy destroying the business ethics, morals and values.

He said to me that both Dan Pena and Richard Dawkins are beyond the law of science on earth, and with the help of it, they have been trying their best to make the degeneracy glorified.

He claims that both Dan Pena and Richard Dawkins are the ‘Real Reptilians’ who have a foolproof plan to destroy all the water on the earth, and for that they are going to call more of their siblings, cousins, friends and others from their own planet. He added that he has the hope that sooner or later, these Reptilians will be caught on their ways to earth via satellite.

He told me that the founder of the infamous Youtube Channel London Real – Brian Rose, also has a doubt on Dan Pena that he is not from this planet and that’s the reason Brian always bashes Dan on his channel although he is his mentor.

He said to me that the reason why Richard Dawkins overemphasizes on the notion that we are overpopulated is to make way for the people from his own planet to come on earth and settle down here forever.

This Estonian Conspiracy Theorist claims that Neanderthals were also from some other planet who wanted to takeover the earth but they weren’t as polished, shrewd or cunning as their Reptilian counterparts and that’s the reason why they failed in their mission even when the humans weren’t as near as advanced as they are now. He also told me that both Richard Dawkins and his younger brother – Dan Pena, control the politicians, media, bureaucrats, military chiefs, secret agencies and their heads, and many other powerful departments of India since the financial year 2013 and for that very reason, they both regularly travel to Goa, where they hire top-notch North Goa Escorts for their fun as well.

Computer Peripheral Manufacturer from Lexington has a master plan to take over the Nuru Massage Parlours of New Delhi, India

Eric Middlesworth owns and runs an All-American Computer Peripheral company with headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky.

Having been a recruiter for over 2 decades now, Eric has come to the conclusion that his employees from the African continent and Eurasian countries are highly underrated while the ones from the Indian Subcontinent and Korea are highly overrated.

Eric says that his Eurasian and African employees are some of the hardest working, fastest learning and dedicated people. He says that the male African and Eurasian are also less likely to chase or fall for their female coworkers, which creates a great distraction at work.

Eric claims that his company never imported a single product from the Republic of China and relabel it as their own, which unfortunately, many other American companies have been doing in the disguise of ‘Made in America’.

Eric says that he really compliments the Chinese computer peripherals and how far they have come in such a short span of time, but adds that the Chinese products are still not competent enough and not for the business clients, but rather for the people for whom the smooth business is second and saving money is first.

Eric claims that he has a bulletproof plan to take over one of the largest sex toy manufacturing companies, which I am not going to name here. Eric also says that he has a master plan to take over all of the Nuru Massage Parlours in New Delhi, which he claims make over 50, 000 USD a day, which is helluva money in a nation like India.

Both of Eric’s parents died in a car crash when Eric was only 28 and he hasn’t been able to get over that trauma yet and uses it prudently as his motivation to become more successful.

What do you think are the prices for a good live sex cam chat on other planets?

I personally love to study Phycology as a hobby and I believe that the cure for the POIS is hidden within it.

One of the things that I have observed among my friends that suffer with POIS is that they tend to be less spiritual than the men who don’t suffer with this condition.

I believe that the mountains, rocks, soil, everything has life and I also believe that the aliens on the other planets and their creation is not visible to the human eye. And it wouldn’t be a surprise for me if it turns out that the aliens have done it better than the humans on their planet. Also, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to me if it turns out that the aliens have everything more advanced and in a better order than ourselves, and also, if they look better than us humans and other living beings on earth.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that the people on the other planets have live sex cam chat websites there and their cam models are willing to do a lot more for lesser sex chat prices as well.

I believe that now since everyone can see what’s going in any part of the world through the internet, sex tourism will surpass all other sorts of tourism and that includes business tourism; Nobody would be interested in seeing the beaches, the mountains, the skyscrapers, the wonders of the world, etc in the near future.

I also believe that we don’t attribute the respect that the sex toys deserve. It is my personal belief that the invention of the sex toys made possible the lives of the people easy, which indeed is responsible for the recent technological revolution more than anything else. Only the sexually satiated men and women are able to create something great other than the babies.