Computer Peripheral Manufacturer from Lexington has a master plan to take over the Nuru Massage Parlours of New Delhi, India

Eric Middlesworth owns and runs an All-American Computer Peripheral company with headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky.

Having been a recruiter for over 2 decades now, Eric has come to the conclusion that his employees from the African continent and Eurasian countries are highly underrated while the ones from the Indian Subcontinent and Korea are highly overrated.

Eric says that his Eurasian and African employees are some of the hardest working, fastest learning and dedicated people. He says that the male African and Eurasian are also less likely to chase or fall for their female coworkers, which creates a great distraction at work.

Eric claims that his company never imported a single product from the Republic of China and relabel it as their own, which unfortunately, many other American companies have been doing in the disguise of ‘Made in America’.

Eric says that he really compliments the Chinese computer peripherals and how far they have come in such a short span of time, but adds that the Chinese products are still not competent enough and not for the business clients, but rather for the people for whom the smooth business is second and saving money is first.

Eric claims that he has a bulletproof plan to take over one of the largest sex toy manufacturing companies, which I am not going to name here. Eric also says that he has a master plan to take over all of the Nuru Massage Parlours in New Delhi, which he claims make over 50, 000 USD a day, which is helluva money in a nation like India.

Both of Eric’s parents died in a car crash when Eric was only 28 and he hasn’t been able to get over that trauma yet and uses it prudently as his motivation to become more successful.

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